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Carnival Drumming

Dance the night away...

Carnival dreaming. Pulsating live, exotic cultures, overwhelming nature. You come across sacred sites, monastries and mosques. In the big cities, bustling oriental markets and Caribbean flair combine to a heady cocktail that explodes in a unique firework during carnival.

In places like Cuba, Brazil, Trinidad and, yes, Switzer- land, carnival is one of the most exciting times of the year during which many musical groups move through the streets in colorful parades – almost every quarter of a city has its own groups.

A closer look at the rhythm-filled parades in Cuba or Brazil - with its dancers and musicians who present complex choreographies and wear elaborate costumes - reveals the European origin of carnival. Of course, African rhythmic elements that were brought to the Caribbean and the Americas by the slaves during colonial times also had a big influence on carnival music. In Africa, rhythms are a part of daily life. The sound of the drums eases the burden of work, brings people together for festivities and allows them to communicate with the powers of nature. The drumming music from Africa also developed some of the most powerful rhythms that have found renewed expression in modern Western rhythms.

"La Conga" is the carnival rhythm of Cuba. The Samba of Brazil is world famous. Together with African and Cuban rhythms, they are an infinite source of inspiration for every rhythm-maniac and dancing carnival enthusiast. The approach of "Rhythm and Movement" promotes a sense of rhythm in a playful way and can expand rhythmic horizons.

We arrange private lessons as well as lessons for groups at alternative times - give us a call or e-mail us to discuss the options. For more details about prices and teaching arrangements, see 'prices' in the navigation.

One-off lessons and trial lessons (by special arrangement)

30 min. lesson: CHF 50.-
45 min. lesson: CHF 70.-
60 min. lesson: CHF 90.-
90 min. lesson: CHF 125.-

Private lessons (10 weeks)

One 30 min. lesson per week (10 lessons): CHF 420.-
One 45 min. lesson per week (10 lessons): CHF 630.-

Private lessons for half a year or full year

Half year (20 lessons - 45 min. per week - Sfr. 55.- per lesson):
CHF 1100.-
Full year (40 lessons - 45 min. per week - Sfr. 45.- per lesson): CHF 1800.-

3er Gruppe (10er Abo à 45 Min.)

10 lessons - 45 Min. per week CHF 250.-/Pers.

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