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Drumming for Children

The biggest art is to turn into a game everything that children are supposed to do or learn.

Lots of fun for children as we combine playfulness and technique, rhythm practice and reading charts. Rhythm explorations between creative chaos and disciplined order!

We focus on the three elements "groove, creativity and technique". Suitable for children between 8 and 12 years.

We go back to the roots and begin with African drumming and then progress to Cuban instruments. The children get to know the different worlds of drumming and rhythms. In the African part, we play on djembés, the traditional bass drums (doundoum, sangbang and kengeni) and small percussion instruments such as shakers, caxixi, wood sticks and bells. In the Cuban part, we have fun with the traditional Salsa instruments such as congas, timbales, bongos, guiros, maracas, shakers, bells and claves.

Many enthusiastic drummers secretly wish they had already started to play the drums as children. You often find that top drummers started very young. Children learn more quickly and in a more relaxed context. Moreover, their muscles and sinews gain strength and flexibility that are the basis for brilliant virtuosity in the future – even opening the door to the possibility of a professional career.

We arrange private lessons as well as lessons for groups at alternative times - give us a call or e-mail us to discuss the options. For more details about prices and teaching arrangements, see 'prices' in the navigation.

Private lessons (10 weeks)

One 30 min. lesson per week (10 lessons): CHF 420.-
One 45 min. lesson per week (10 lessons): CHF 630.-

Private lessons for half a year or full year

Half year (20 lessons - 45 min. per week - Sfr. 55.- per lesson):
CHF 1100.-
Full year (40 lessons - 45 min. per week - Sfr. 45.- per lesson): CHF 1800.-

3er Gruppe (10er Abo à 45 Min.)

10 lessons - 45 Min. per week CHF 250.-/Pers.

For more information about fees and courses currently on offer, please click on "Fees" in the navigation on the left hand side.

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