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Drumming for Clubs and Teams

One for all - all for one

A drumming session can be a relaxing and entertaining event for members of a club or a team. However, it also promotes cohesion and cooperation. In drumming music, different rhythms come together to form a homogenous whole: therefore percussion music and drumming are perfect to encourage teamwork processes.

Speech and clapping exercises first build up our rhythmic understanding. Then we begin to take our first steps towards playing in a group by practicing simple rhythms on African and Cuban drums as well as a range of small percussion instruments.

You will immediately experience the fun and exhilaration of a shared pulse, listening to each other, playing and laughing together – culminating in the power of rhythms flowing together. We are also very happy to tell you more about the history, background, spirituality and more intricate playing techniques of drumming music.

No prior knowledge is necessary for this event and instruments will be available (click on "instruments" in the navigation on the left hand side to view the types of drums and small percussion instruments, will be used).

We arrange private lessons as well as lessons for groups at alternative times - give us a call or e-mail us to discuss the options. For more details about prices and teaching arrangements, see 'prices' in the navigation.

One-off lessons and trial lessons (by special arrangement)

30 min. lesson: CHF 50.-
45 min. lesson: CHF 70.-
60 min. lesson: CHF 90.-
90 min. lesson: CHF 125.-

Private lessons (10 weeks)

One 30 min. lesson per week (10 lessons): CHF 420.-
One 45 min. lesson per week (10 lessons): CHF 630.-

Private lessons for half a year or full year

Half year (20 lessons - 45 min. per week - Sfr. 55.- per lesson):
CHF 1100.-
Full year (40 lessons - 45 min. per week - Sfr. 45.- per lesson): CHF 1800.-

For more information about fees and courses currently on offer, please click on "Fees" in the navigation on the left hand side.

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