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School of African, Cuban, Latin and Indian Rhythms und Percussion

African Percussion

Courses and workshops until spring 2009

African Percussion is taught in groups (up to eight participants) or individually. We play on the West- African djembé, the three traditional bass drums (Doundoum, sangbang and kenkeni) and a range of small percussion instruments, such as shakers, caxixi, bells, sticks etc. (click on the picture to get to the shop).

Private lessons (10 weeks)

One 30 min. lesson per week (10 lessons): CHF 420.-
One 45 min. lesson per week (10 lessons): CHF 630.-

Private lessons for half a year or full year

Half year (20 lessons - 45 min. per week - Sfr. 55.- per lesson):
CHF 1100.-
Full year (40 lessons - 45 min. per week - Sfr. 45.- per lesson):
CHF 1800.-

One-off lessons and trial lessons (by special arrangement)

30 min. lesson: CHF 50.- / 45 min. lesson: CHF 70.- / 60 min. lesson: CHF 90.- / 90 min. lesson: CHF 125.-

We arrange private lessons as well as lessons for groups at alternative times - give us a call or e-mail us to discuss the options. For more details about prices and teaching arrangements, see 'prices' in the navigation.

Trial workshops on Saturdays

The trial workshops are an ideal way to get to know "PercussionArts" and to get a first insight into a particular drumming culture, including its key instruments and playing techniques. Of course, you'll also get to play your first rhythms! Don't hesitate to come along for a trial workshop without obligation - instruments are available for use at these trial workshops.

Beginners - Courses and workshops

Find out about the fascinating historical background of African percussion and immediately adopt the right playing techniques and postures to get off to a good start. You'll learn and absorb the fundamental laws of rhythms and percussion in a playful way by walking, clapping and pronouncing the rhythm patterns.

We`ll experience the fun and excitement of the special group dynamics created by the interweaving of traditional rhythms and arrangements! Instruments are available for rent or purchase.

Intermediate players - Courses and workshops

On this level, you'll be able to refine your playing techniques. The focus will be on the djembé. You'll also get a chance to learn traditional rhythms, practice playing in an ensemble (e.g. learn about collective breaks) and engage in "call and response games".

Advanced players - Courses and workshops

These lessons are perfect for experienced players with advanced knowledge and skills. You will be able to further refine your technique and master more difficult rhythms, culminating in the art of individual soloing.

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