Percussion Arts
School of African, Cuban, Latin and Indian Rhythms und Percussion


Living and learning in the teacher's home or in his ashram, as it has always been tradition in ancient India. Yoginis`n`Yogis can so fully indulge in the learning and guided practice ... the improvement is imazing.

Revolutionary new teaching methods including audio and video, a ancient vedic rhythm training system and a specially developed rhythm language by Lambbuji allows the Yogis to learn the music in a magical speedy manner so that the musical instruments and drums are quickily learned.

The system is so refined that after a few minutes one can arrive at the correct understanding immediately, and awareness of what to watch out for ... the Ashram atmosphere allows a high focu and guided practice with many practical imputs and advices by Lambbuji.

The students have the possibility, to be taught to play 18 drums from around the world, various instruments including tanpura and harmonium plus small percussion instruments of kirtan music. When practicing yogis are accompanied by mantras from East 'n' West and get to know so the practical side .

The students can request individual study DVDs for practicing at home, because a guided and systematic practice in which one plays with the teacher makes learning efficient and successful.

Intensive courses are available from 3, 5, 7 and 12 days. One can also do a certificate in Satsang Drum Teaching in 40 days, which includes singing and chanting in Sanskrit. The yogis also learn how to design mantra-yoga sessions and receive a fully musical and rhythmic training as an introduction to Western and Indian music culture.

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