Percussion Arts
School of African, Cuban, Latin and Indian Rhythms und Percussion

Introducing the School

PercussionArts is a school of African, Cuban, Latin and Indian rhythms and percussion. The school is located in the Western Part of the beautyfull City Basel (PercussionArts Wasgenring 78, 4055 Basel).

A wide range of courses, workshops and private sessions allow you to immerse yourself in the drumming cultures of Africa, Cuba, Latin-America and India and to develop your skills to the highest level. We provide extensive course materials to give you an in-depth view of the history, theory and practice of these drumming cultures. Instruments such as djembés, doundoums, congas, timbales, assorted small percussion instruments, tablas, pakhawaj etc. are available for use during lessons - you can also purchase or rent highest quality African, Latin and lndian drums and percussion-related instruments (visit our 'online shop').

PercussionArts is run by Jörg J. Kaufmann. Jörg's interest in non-European drumming cultures was kindled when he was 12-years old. Since then he has studied and researched African, Latin-American and Indian rhythms and percussion with great passion and extraordinary commitment (see his biography below).

Geleitet wird PercussionArts von Jörg J. Kaufmann. Im Alter von zwölf Jahren begann er sich für ausser- europäische Trommelkulturen zu interessieren und hat sich seither sehr gründlich mit dem Erlernen und Erforschen afrikanischer, lateinamerikanischer, sowie indischer Rhythmik und Perkussion auseinander gesetzt.

With 30 years of experience, Joerg guarantees you a first class learning experience regardless of your ambitions, needs or skill level!


Joerg Joshua Kaufmann (1964)

1976-1982 First drumming experiences – lessons and workshops with various Swiss percussionists.

Studies of Afro-Cuban Percussion

1982-1994 Study of history, theory and practice of conga, timbales and small percussion at the St. Gallen Jazz School (1982-1984) and Zürich Jazz School (1984-1988) with Willy Kotoun.

Studies of African Percussion

1985-1996 Djembé, Doundoum (bass drum) and assorted small percussion instruments with African drumming masters such as Adama Dramé, Soungalo Coulibali and Louis César Ewandé, as well as with various Swiss percussionists such as Peo Oertli, Tini Hägler, etc.

Studies of Indian Percussion

Jörg lived in Northern-India (mainly in Varanasi) for 12 years from 1991-2003 where he researched and studied intensively the barrel-shaped pakhawaj drum (Mridang) considered the "mother" of classic Indian percussion instruments. He focused on a range of different styles that are still being played today (Kudou Singh Gharana, Nana Saheb Pansee Gharana and Nathdura Gharana). He lived and studied with the greatest masters according to the traditional Indian principle of "Guru-Shishya-Pampara".

1991-1997 Mohan Prasad Tiwari (Varanasi)

1991-1992 Pt. Arjun Shejwal (Bombay)

1991-2000 Helmut Waibl (Student von Pt. Tribuon Upadhyaya und Pt.Ramji Upadhyaya

1994-1996 Raja Chatrapati Singh Ju Deo (Bijna, Madya Pradesh)

1995-2000 Pt. Ramji Upadhyaya (Ishwarpur, Bihar) & Sohn Ravi Shankar Upadhyaya (Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh)

1997-2003 Pt. Pannalal Upadhyaya & Sohn Ashutosh Upadhyaya (Patna, Bihar)

1998-2000 Pt. Tribuon Upadhyaya (Indupur, Uttar Pradesh)

2000-2003 Krishnadas Gujrati (Varanasi)

2000-2002 Pt. Chandra Kumar Mallick & Sohn Uday Kumar Mal

2002-2003 Mohan Shyam Sharma (Delhi)

1992-1995 Tabla-Diploma-Kurse an der Benares Hindu University

1996-1998 Pakhawaj-Diploma-Kurse an der Prayag Sangit Samiti Allahabad

While conducting his research, Jörg Kaufmann came across a range of old books (Tal Manjeri, 1887; Mridang-Tabla Vadanpaddhati, 1903; Mridang Sagar, 1943; Mridang-Tabla Subodh, 1944; Tal-Dipika, 1953; Mridang-Tabla Brabhakar, 1958; Mridang Ank, 1964). The study of this literature allowed him an unparalleled insight into a culture that is difficult for foreigners to access. Eventually Jörg achieved such a high level of knowledge and mastery that the Indian Dhrupad and Pakhawaj Society accorded to him the highest level of respect by acknowledging him as a representative of this genre of drumming. Padma Vibhushan Pt. Kishan Maharaj, one of the finest tabla players of our time, hails from an old tradition with extensive knowledge of the pakhawaj - he was impressed by Joerg's playing and research and invited him to his house to expand his knowledge and practice.

Teaching Experience (Individual tuition and workshops)

Since 1985 - Afro-Cuban rhythms and percussion

Since 1987 - African rhythms and percussion

Since 1994 - Pakhawaj and Tabla

2004 - Involved with the world music shop "Rainbow-Shop" in Pfäffikon SZ (Switzerland)

2004 - Involved with the Schlag.Zeug.Atelier in Zug (Switzerland)

2005 - Founding of "PercussionArts", his own school of rhythms and percussion in Siebnen (Switzerland)

2007 - Development of a revolutionary new Rhythm-Training-System, based on the oldvedic Teachingsystem

2009 - Involved at - Workshops, Concerts, Accompaniment of Satsangs, Lectures and Mantrasinging

2010 - Development of a revolutionary Teachingsystem for all the Satsangdrums in the Kirtanmusic

2011 - Founding of the „YogiPercussionSchool`n`Ashram“ in Basel - Satsangdrums for Yoginis`n`Yogis

2012 - Education for Yogateacher RYT-200 (YogaAlliance) in Basel

2013 - Education for Yogateacher RYT-500 in Kerala

2014 - Development of a new revolutionary Teachingsystem for the Singing and Chanting of Mantras from and the practice of the different "Yogi-Music-Instruments" from East`n`West (Tampouras, Harmonium, Gitarre, etc.)

2014/15 - Education for Yogatherapy (Kaivalyadhama Yogic Institute, Lonavala)

Concert Performances (Solo, group und accompaniments of dancers)

Since 1985 - Involvement in various jazz-, funk- and percussions outfits and Afro-Dance projects

Since 1986 - Accompaniments at Afro-dance workshops

Since 1993 - Accompaniments at dhrupad workshops

Since 1994 - Indian music concerts (Dhrupad, Khyal, Classical, Bhajans, Kathak, etc.)

Since 2009 - Accompaniment of Mantrasinging in the West

Since 2012 - Accompaniment of Mantrasinging in India

A Selection of Concerts in India

- Dhrupad Mela, Varanasi (1995-2001)
- Dhrupad Samaroh, Aurangabad (1996)
- Rama Krishna Mission, Varanasi (1998)

- Barsi, Tribute to Ustad Zia Mohiuddin Dagar, Mumbay (organisiert durch Dagar Memorial Trust, 1999)

- American Institute of Indian Studies, Delhi (1999)
- Indian Habitat World Centre, Delhi (2000/01)
- Gopal Mandir Temple, Varanasi (1998-2003)
- Vishnu Mandir, Chowk Varanasi (2005)
- Playing in different Yogacenters in India (Since 2012)
- Kaivalyadhama Yogic Institute, Lonavala (2013)
- Lonavala Yoga Institute, India (2014)

A Selection of Concerts in Europe

- "Salon de musique" in Suresnes , Paris (1995/99)
- Mandapa Centre, Paris (1995/99)
- Nadopasana Centre, Paris (2000)
- Festival in Saint Florin le Viel "Les orientales", Frankreich (2000)
- Landesbibliothek Bregenz, Oesterreich (2003)
- Rietberg Museum, Zürich (2001/04)
- Stadthaus Zürich (2004)
- Festival Etnika, Lugano (2005)
- Worldmusic-Festival, Lyon (2006)
- Worldmusic-Festival – Theatré de Grand Ronde, Toulouse (2007)
- At PercussionArts Swiss and Robert-Schumann-Saal Düsseldorf mit den Gundecha Brothers (2008)
- Rheinisches Landesmuseum Bonn für DIG und WDR / Rietberg Museum, Zürich mit den Gundecha Brothers (2009)
- Different Yogacenter in India (since 2009)

Accompaniment of many dhrupad singers, including ... :

Ustad Zia Fariddudin Dagar, Ustad Sayeeduddin Dagar, Ustad Wasifuddin Dagar, Ustad Bahauddin Dagar, Dr. Ritwik Sanyal, Ravindra Goswami, Nirmalya Dey, Pallav Das, Ivan Trunzler, Pt. Abhay Narayan Mallick, Prem Kumar Mallick, Uday Kumar Mallick, Sanjay Kumar Mallick, Amelia Cuni, etc.

Professional Development

- Regular professional development in Afro-Cuban and African percussion, as well as Rhythm & Movement.
- Plans for future study: annual study and research trips to India to study with the family and disciples of the legendary Pt. Kishen Maharaj and various pakhawaj masters.
- Ausbildungen in Yoga, Yogatherapie und Sanskrit plus Singen`n`Chanten von Mantren, Slokas, Sutras, etc..
- Development of the Research`n`Teaching-Plattform "" with different master from India.
- Research and Studies with different Tablaplayers and Kirtandrummers in terms of Semiclassicaldrumming
- Studies in Yoga, Yogatherapy, Sanskrit plus in Singing`n`Chanting of Mantras, Slokas, Sutras, etc. - Development of a Music-Lern-System for Yogis for Yogis from East`n`West, which will bring them most
fast`n`easy into a correct practicing, playing and performing ... „YogiPercussionSchool`n`Ashram“.


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