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Drumming for Families

Courses and workshops until spring 2009
Die Herausforderung besteht darin, wie es ein Künstler bleiben kann, wenn es aufwächst.» (Pablo Picasso)

Children get even more out of drumming when they attend a course with their parents or primary care givers. In such a playful context, children experience regular practice not as one of those chores children are asked to do, but as a joyful activity they engage in with adults.

The family courses teach the history, basics and techniques of drumming. Speech and clapping games help to develop the rhythmic sense of children and adults alike. Soon we will be playing simple, but powerful rhythms as an ensemble on African and Cuban drums as well as on small percussion instruments. No prior knowledge is necessary for these courses - instruments are available. (Minimum age is 8-10 years).

We arrange private lessons as well as lessons for groups at alternative times - give us a call or e-mail us to discuss the options. For more details about prices and teaching arrangements, see 'prices' in the navigation.

Private lessons (10 weeks)

One 30 min. lesson per week (10 lessons): CHF 420.-
One 45 min. lesson per week (10 lessons): CHF 630.-

Private lessons for half a year or full year

Half year (20 lessons - 45 min. per week - CHF 55.- per lesson): CHF 640.-
Full year (40 lessons - 45 min. per week - CHF 45.- per lesson): CHF 960.-

3er Gruppe (10er Abo à 45 Min.)

10 lessons - 45 Min. per week CHF 250.-/Pers.

For more information about fees and courses currently on offer, please click on "Fees" in the navigation on the left hand side.

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